Science has an inevitable role to play in our lives and that is why we are striving hard to stick to it and learn a lot about it. However, the problem with science is that we are understanding certain things that wrong way or that is how it’s been thought to us for the first time and we never withdraw ourselves from that belief. So here we are breaking some of the myths for you and hope you get that straight into your head.

Science at its peak:

This is the first thing that we understand about science. There are always people who claim that science has already reached the peak point and that there shall be no moving further. There is nothing called the peak point in science, and it shall always grow. Many people who made a promising mark in the field of science that they or their predictions shall be the epitome of what science is all about. But the great people who came after them proved their theories wrong and gave a whole new perspective on the entire planet.

Balance of nature:


Balance of nature is one of the largely accepted theory once, and it was quite convincing as well until it was broken by the arrival of the theory of catastrophe. In fact, the theory of gradualism, another name for the theory of the balance of nature, was believable. Every possible change that happens on earth is a slow process, and it happens gradually. But this theory doesn’t exist anymore. We will have to come to terms with the theory of catastrophe where everything happens all of a sudden, and there is nothing called gradualism.

Dinosaurs are not scaly beings:

One of the weirdest things about evolution is that you will never know how something actually existed and you make your own predictions based on the theories. One such mess that happened was in the prediction of how dinosaurs might have looked when they existed. The latest scientific research has proven that they were for sure not scaly beings that they had feathers. At least if they weren’t large enough to fly, they were decent enough to be noticed on the body. So they might not look any closer to the ones that you see on television.

A large of the brain is used:

Says who? Believe it or not, it is true that people do not find and use the fullest of their potential. But that doesn’t mean that a part of the brain is always sleeping and that we have never used it. It is not like you use your heart to pump your blood or otherwise it wouldn’t. The heart automatically pumps blood to the whole human body. Similarly, the fact that we use only 10% of the brain is not true. The entire brain is always at work, and this holds good even when you sleep. But it true that you can always make it work better.