Believe it or not, the brain is the most complex organ of the body. It is so intertwined and complex that there still isn’t a science that can untangle the brain nerves and name every single brain and its purpose. This quite a bit contrary to the study that we have on the other major and minor parts of the body. Everybody knows a heart by-heart and kidney is would say is the simplest ever organ. It is simply a big bean-shaped organ that can live along with your body. So here are some of the fascinating facts about the brain. Beware we are breaking some of the myths here!

There is no bifurcation:

Have you ever come across blogs that speak about your brain functioning as two halves or online tests the promise you to discover part of your brain works better? That is all hoax by the way. Many people believe that fact that there is two part of the brain, while the left controls logic, the right controls creativity. All this is not true. The brain is a single part, and it functions that way always. It cannot work in two hemispheres. Didn’t we tell you that they are intertwined?

The brain never stops growing:

Growing is some kind of obsession for the brain, and it grows ever after you hit your fifties. I am a personal witness, and I had seen a lot of people who learn new things when they are in their late forties or early fifties and accomplish things so well that wasn’t probably possible for them when they were in their twenties. So the brain keeps growing, and it always feels young.

Smart drugs and the brain:

smart drugs

If you haven’t come across this smart drug theory a little before and you might not believe what we are about to say. There are also good chances that you might feel scared about it. So there is something called the smart drug and what happens here is that these drugs are designed in such a way that they stimulate the cognitive skills of the brain and makes it work at its fullest potential. You will discover the true power of your brain and the once you start consuming it the brain automatically adapts to the drug and works accordingly even in the long run.

Eats a lot of oxygen:

It is not an unknown fact that the oxygen that we inhale is spread throughout the body and the whole body requires oxygen in some quantum that they exist the right way. But did you know that the brain gobbles a lot and eats about 20% of the oxygen that we breathe in? Almost all the other parts of the whole body consume the oxygen that is divided between the remaining 80%. Quite a gobbler, is it?